Pixels to Picas Conversion

Use this CSS unit conversion tool to easily convert pixel values into their equivalent value in pica.

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • What is a Pixel?
  • What is a Pica?
  • Pixel to Pica Conversion Formula
  • How to Convert Pixel into Pica?
  • Pixel to Pica Conversion Table

What is a Pixel to Pica Converter?

Pixel to Pica Converter is an online CSS tool through which you can easily convert pixel units into pica units.

Pixel to Pica Converter

What is a Pixel?

Pixel is the smallest element of an image or a display which together make up the whole image. One pixel is equal to 1/96 of an inch. Pixels are usually denoted by the px symbol.

What is a Pica?

Pica is an absolute length unit in CSS. They are absolute, which means they have a fixed length value, and they do not change their values upon changing the device size. A pica is denoted using the pc symbol. One pica is equal to 1/6 of an inch.

Pixel to Pica Conversion Formula

The formula used to convert pixel to pica (px to pc) is:

Pica = Pixel * 0.0625

How to Convert Pixel to Pica?

According to W3C, 1 Inch = 96 Pixels and 1 Inch = 6 Pica. Using this data, we can say that: 96 Pixels = 6 Picas. This can be also written as 1 Pixel = 6/96 Pixels. Therefore, after doing the calculations, we can say that to convert pixel value into picas, we need to multiply the pixels by 0.625.

96 Pixels = 6 Picas

Example Problems on Pixel to Pica

Example 1: Convert 24 Pixels into Pica.

Step 1: Get the Value in Pixels

Value in pixels = 24px

Step 2: Use Pixel to Pica Conversion Formula

Pica = Pixel * 0.0625 = 24 * 0.0625 = 1.5

Thus, 24px = 1.5pc

Example 2: Convert 36px into pc.

Step 1: Get the Final Pixel Value

Value in Pixels = 36

Step 2: Use Pixels to Picas Conversion Formula

Pica = Pixels * 0.0625 = 36 * 0.0625 = 2.25

Thus, 36px = 2.25pc

Pixels to Picas Conversion Table

Pixel (PX)Pica (PC)

Frequently Asked Questions on Pixels to Picas

What is a Pica?

Pica is an absolute length unit in CSS such that 1 Pica = 1/6 of an Inch.

How many pixels are there in 1 pica?

There are 16 pixels in one pica.

How many picas are there in 1 pixel?

There are 0.0625 picas in 1 pixel.

What pc stands for?

pc in CSS stands for Picas.


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